Monday, February 9, 2009

Just stuff

I feel like posting "something" so just random jibber jabber.

Congrats to Adele for winning best new artist last night in the Grammys. The grammys mean little these days, but it was great to hear she won.

I finally got a new home theater receiver. I got a good deal, but it was the hardest unit to set up EVER. Seriously, I had to connect the DVD player, then I had to program the receiver basically saying this slot = the DVD player, this slot = the PS3. Before I pushed it all back in to the cabinet I tested it out..and it was a pants wetting event, so worth it.

Was sick the bulk of the week last week. Monday I nose dived, out of work Tues and Wed. Went to the MD on Wed and was told "nothing is wrong", but then Friday they call me my strep test came back positive. REAL nice. Infect my family AND co-workers for 2 days before getting medication. Awesome.

Sorta still not sure what to do for Valentines day. A card has been purchased, but little else.

Later this week I am going to be the father of a 10 year old...TEN?! Sheesh.

Went to the Providence Bruins game yesterday and they won. Tomorrow I go to the Boston Bruins game..and I hope they win!

I really want to play with my new home theater stuff.

Thats it..this was a lame exercise, but I felt like writing something.


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