Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How does one define excellent???

I won't bore you all with the long lavish and lusty details of my weekend..but it was a blast from Thursday on.

Thanksgiving was great. Good food, family..what makes the holidays worth it.

Friday - I worked and it was a pretty quiet. I got things done (well some) and hit the road for 5:30. Mrs March and I had a date with 2 friends that are somewhat local and friend of mine from elementary school who was up from Florida for our 20th reunion on Saturday. We went to Chloe: An American Bistro and it was amazing. Our reservation was for 7:30 and we left at 12:30am! (trust me that is late). We had amazing food, great wine..good conversation. Awesome. A good friend of mine is the chef, owner. Stop by, say hi and tell him I sent you.

Saturday - the marches spend the night at Grandma/Grandpa Marches place and they were asleep when I left Friday morning..so I was missing them. I got some holiday lights up, then headed to my parents. I played and hung with the kids before getting my buddy and then heading to the reunion.

Some folks don't care for them, but I don't mind them. Good times..great laughs...really fun. I won a trivia contest (what was the #1 album in 1988...Joshua Tree). Got me a $10 card for Dunkin Donuts...ummm donuts. The reunion ended at 11:30 so we hit the hotel bar, then went to a classmates house. I gave another classmate a ride home and headed home. Head on pillow...2:55am.

Sunday I was up pretty early and thank god NOT hung over. I could use a nap..but I was in good shape really. Sort of laid low most of the day and Little March and I went to the Providence Bruins game (they won on OT). My head hit the pillow at 10pm and I was asleep at 10:00:01.

Monday I was off for working Friday. Christmas shopping is about 98% done...home by 2pm..watched "Hancock"..made dinner for the wife and kids...in bed about 10 after I watched Shrek the Halls and "How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Great weekend..a little fast for my liking when they are good..and I don't want them all to be like that..that would take away from them being so special..but awesome all around.


At Tuesday, December 02, 2008 8:45:00 PM , Blogger Jenny G said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!

At Wednesday, December 03, 2008 9:24:00 AM , Blogger Jocular Schlemiel said...

Does sound pretty good

At Wednesday, December 03, 2008 5:58:00 PM , Blogger cubmommy said...

sounds like a good time. we watched the Grinch also. Tonight is Rudolph!


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