Monday, November 10, 2008

In the News...

A Florida family who decorated their home with flags and balloons to welcome their daughter home from Iraq had their decorations confiscated by their housing association. According to the committee, "Welcome Home" sings might be construed as "political" statements in support of the war, and thus violated the rules.

An aide to the governor of New York is blaming a $300,000 unpaid tax bill on a rare medical condition called "late filing syndrome".

A bi-monthly New Mexico newspaper printed its October 26-Nov 8th issue with the headline "Obama Wins". The paper urged folks to vote, "even if we did spoil the ending for you".

An Oregon teenager said she didn't see the police officer trying to pull her over for driving 107 Mph...because she was too busy talking on her cell phone.

Heather Mills has already spent $15 Million of her settlement from divorcing Paul McCartney in just seven months.

Some pre-election stuff:
Obama spent 250 million on local cable and network television commercials over the past five months. He spent more on ads during this time than such giant brands as Burger King, Apple and the Gap. New York Times.

In Early November 194 newspapers endorsed Obama to 92 for McCain. - Editor and Publisher

The sale of firearms and ammo has jumped close to 10% in the recent months. Fears of a looming Democrats will impose new gun control measures. - Washington Post.

Despite five straight losing quarters and 70% fall in its stock price in 2008, Merrill Lynch has set aside 6.7 billion for year end employee bonuses.

The third installment of High School Musical raked in $42 million its opening weekend, the best ever for a musical. Since 2006 the franchise has lifted Disney's operating profits by an estimated 100 million dollars. - Wall St Journal

Only 1/2 of the NBA's 30 teams are "profitable", down from 20 last year. USA Today

Fees for bounced checks and cash withdraws form an out of network ATM rose again his year according to The average cost of using another bank's ATM is now $3.43, while a fee for a bounced check is on average $28.95, up 2.5% from a year ago. Business Week.



At Monday, November 10, 2008 2:24:00 PM , Blogger Ello said...

Ummm, how the hell do you spend $15 million in 7 months?!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's just obscene.

At Tuesday, November 11, 2008 6:03:00 AM , Blogger Hotwire said...

the first story is horrible.

At Tuesday, November 11, 2008 8:49:00 AM , Blogger Jenny G said...

Ello, I think I read that she remodeled all of her houses, but I'm with a normal person I don't think I could spend that much money in such a short amount of time.


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