Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Well the long weekend has come and gone. We are about to embark on the best time of the year "weather wise" in my opinion. From now to about the middle part of November..ahh it is the best.
Kids back to school today. How does the song go again..."It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeeeeeeearrr".
I watched Ikiru last night. It is a movie that has been in my netflix queue for probably 2+ years and I finally said it was time. File that under "what was I waiting for". Its a long watch..but so very good.
I have been bitten by the ebay bug as of late..been selling a few things..but turning right around and buying cds that I don't really need...its a vicious cycle.
Hitting my first Boston Red Sox game in probably 3+ years tonight. For those of you out of state, tickets are pretty hard to come by on a "face value level". My buddy asked a few weeks ago. He said he had front row for this section on the third base line. Sounds cool eh?? Then toss in the $80.00 face value ticket..YEEEEEEEEEIKES. I *might* have one watered down $8.00 domestic beer..but that is it.
That is it..nothing new.


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