Friday, June 29, 2007

The big Friday announcement.

Well I have been eluding to this for a few weeks so I guess its time.

Recently I've noticed, and listened to some podcasts and blogradio stuff. Debbie at
Fresh Air Lover does a radio show once a week. If you can't catch it live Wednesdays at 7pm ET you can get it from the archive. Also a blogging favorite Annoyed decided to go the route of a podcast. After looking at both I decided the route for me is the site. All I needed was a microphone and the free download of the software. With this site I could run 2 minutes or 1hr if I wanted to. Its very easy to set up and so far I have been pleased.

So the big tease is that I have done, and will do a podcast version of Forgotten Disc Friday. I have posted the last three weeks and at this time I think I'll post them on the podcast version a week later than the text version. That way I can "get to recording my podcast" whatever day and have it ready.

So if you so desire you can click over to the audio version of what you read here. Surprise its the same name.

2 quick things re: the mypodcast site. 1st is that due to copy write issues I can NOT stream or play music on the post. Kinda would be better if I could..but.. 2 I "DO" have to have that short advertisement in the blog. It is required per the service.

Since my mp3 hosting site is down at the moment I figured I'd point you in the podcast version for now. Updates to this weeks as soon as I can get in etc.

Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts, good bad otherwise.



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