Monday, January 29, 2007

On of those "all over the place" posts.

Well its somewhat back to normal for me. All last week I had customers in the office. It was pretty laid back overall, but the days were long and intense. They were due to be done each day "around 5" but Wed and Thurs they were in the office until at least 5:45. By the time they were gone and I just checked messages it was time to go.

Friday night I still could not fall asleep so I watched
Brothers of the Head. On paper this was a very cool sounding flick. It was a story about 2 brothers that were co-joined twins that ended up being in a punk rock band. The way it was shot was in a documentary style and there are parts where you'd wonder how you'd never heard of this band it was done so well. Overall it was a tad "flat" though for me. I am not sure what it was. Didn't feel like I wasted my time, but its not a movie I'd rush out and buy.

Been looking in to various "diet" ideas and nothing really seems to sit well with me. I know that dieting is dedication but the part I have a hard time with is menu items. It always seems like a diet sounds good but there are not enough choices. Not everyone likes lamb (me) or asparagus (me) so offer me some subsitutions. Also making a meal for the kids and then some elabortate no fat only fresh items is hard to make time for. I know I am making excuses but by the time the kids are in bed most nights I am eating at 830pm (which in and of itself is bad enough). I need to ponder some more.

Somehow the Boston Bruins still can't figure out a way to win.

The rest of the weekend was okay. We went to Target for a few things and I actually found a cheaper version of a Skutt Bike. Its pretty cool and it is supposed to help kids get the "feel" for a two wheeler. Littlest March has a two wheeler w/training wheels and he is very good about it..but I wanted to get one of these. I put it together Saturday and he tooled around the house on it. He was mad it had "no pedals" and it was amazing to see how quick he had to stablize it w/his body. Once it gets nicer outside we will try that.

Made a smokin version of French Onion soup on Sunday but the house still kinda smells which bugs me a little.

Dull, random post I realize but still its "something" I guess.


At Monday, January 29, 2007 12:47:00 PM , Blogger Annoyed said...

Dieting sucks.

However, eating at 8:30 or two in the morning for that matter, makes no difference.

A calorie is a calorie whenever you eat it.

I assume you have zero time for the gym?

I highly recomend the book "Body for life" it's a great program. One i lost 35 pounds on in six weeks once. I ate 5 times a day and was never hungry.

At Monday, January 29, 2007 1:36:00 PM , Blogger March to the Sea said...

well annoyed I know this is a total cop out on my part..

I do the "morning" in that I get the kids to daycare/bus etc. Those days I work 930 to 6pm. If I am lucky I get home at 6:45pm..and the kids are in bed around 8. That leaves little time for "bonding" let alone dinner w/them, homework or what have you.

Every other weekend mrs march works and every third weekend she does weekend evenings.

Technically I could go to the gym at 530 am and be back inside an hour so mrs march can leave for work..or I could go to the gym at 830 at night.

I'd love to take spin classes at the least and I have been to 4 or 5 gyms trying to find a place that has decent times. Either they are 7am or 530pm it seems.

I'll figure something out. I have been doing a smidge of cutting back on my portions so I need to start somewhere.

Excuses Excuses i know i know...

At Wednesday, January 31, 2007 9:16:00 AM , Blogger Kari Lee Townsend said...

I hate dieting, but my motivation is putting on a bathing suit in two weeks. Ugh! But I am down 15 pounds now. Good luck, just keep going and don't give up.


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