Thursday, October 13, 2016

God Is An Astronaut - August 31, 2016 - Sinclair, Cambridge MA

God Is An Astronaut
Sinclair, Cambridge MA
Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Just two days prior to this show I was in an outdoor ampetheater setting listing to “metal” to then be inside the comfortable confines of a club outside of Boston.

Irish post rock band God Is an Astronaut kicked off their US tour to a ravenous crowd on a Wednesday night.  I am not sure where I read it, but GIAA noted that this might be their final US tour.  Issues with touring and papers I am sure is a hassle and when you are a band the size of GIAA it makes it even harder and even less cost effective.  Still, based off the reaction of the audience in Cambridge the band might want to reconsider (or re-locate!)

There was no support band so the band hit the stage shortly after 9pm.  It was dark and quiet and “Beautiful Decay” began.  After the keyboard and bass track ended the full band arrived and went in to “Pig Powder” from the latest record. The set list was solid and the band seemed to perk up after each track slowly realizing the kick off to the tour seemed to be a success.

Full Set list:
Beautiful Decay
Pig Powder
Vetus Memoria
Worlds In Collision
Helios | Erebus
From Dust to the Beyond
Forever Lost
Red Moon Lagoon
Suicide by Star

As I said the band seemed to really perk up and fed off the audience.  One particular fan was over zealous, yelling often between the songs, and you could see the band smirk.  Late in the set he kept shouting “Suicide”! (he request for Suicide by Star).  It was granted and the young fan hung over the balcony railing and flailed about.  The band stepped to the lip of the stage to play right along with him.

The US tour is now complete.  Sorry you missed em??!



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