Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Pixar/Disney do it right...

Kudos to the folks at Pixar/Disney for getting the whole Blu-Ray thing right.

The film "Up" is available in blu ray as part of a 4 disc set..for about 19.99! If you want folks to transfer over (and re-buy their collections) this is what you need to do. A blu ray for the adults..the dvd for the kids to handle, an entire disc of features, making of's and hours of who else knows what as well as a digital copy for you to put on a portable device?! Excellent work.

I've slowed way down buying movies for myself. Mostly due to me hardly having time to get to the first watch..let alone multiple. If companies are smart like the folks that were in charge of Up have done, I'll buy more.

Santa brought it..and we've watched twice so far. Santa must have been watching. (in blu ray of course!)


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