Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cool Artist Alert - Dejha Colantuono

Singer/song writer Dejha Colantuono released her first solo record back on July 28th called "Tea & Vodka". Colantuono has a few records under her belt with acts like Ragazza, Rotten Apples, the Pin Ups and others.

The album was recorded in two sessions dating back to 2007 and the final product was produced by Matt Bayles who has worked with bands as diverse as Pearl Jam to Russian Circles and the mixing, in part done by Jamie Siegel, who has worked with the likes of Joss Stone and Lauren Hill bring a very diverse set of skills to Colantuono's project.

Handling the singing duties, Colantuono also plays the guitar, keyboards, synthesizer and piano, but she surrounds herself with 12 great supporting cast members on the record. Siting influences of Bowie, PJ Harvey and Prince she adds elements of each on the 11 tracks. We go soul, we go funk, we go rock. The focus is on her strong vocals, they just call right out at you.

Here is a track from the cd called "Miss Fortune"

Check out her official page here as well as her
myspace page. You can also follow her on Twitter if you so desire.

Boston area folks, she is performing live. Here are the details:

Friday, September 11th
at All Asia
(334 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139)
tickets: $6 for over 21 / $9 under 21
Show begins at 7:00 pm, Dejha performs at 8:45 pm; Tiff Jimber and Mrs.
Danvers are also on the bill.

Be sure to check her page(s) for other tour dates and news.



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