Friday, April 1, 2011

Abbe May - Design Desire Cool stuff from "down under"

Cool Artist Alert! With a growing reputation as an intense and exciting live performer, Abbe May has created her own moody, guitar driven sound over the last four years. Displaying an exciting ability that has come together in stunning style, Abbe May has spent the past two years writing and recording her forthcoming album "Design Desire". Attracting comparisons to everyone from Portishead to Patti Smith, the music Abbe creates provides a unique soundscape of crunching guitars with a seductively haunting vocal. Her album "Design Desire" is due for release mid-year and is already one of the most anticipated releases amongst genre-bending tastemakers. The first single "Mammalian Locomotion" grabbed the attention of Australian and international media including Triple J,, KCRW (LA) and Rolling Stone. The second single (and the album's namesake) "Design Desire" adds the next chapter. The single is an electrical surge of scaling guitar riffs, coupled with Abbe's multi layered, softly seductive vocals, "Design Desire" is brimming with sexual energy and attitude. The video clip, directed by UK based Zena Loxton and filmed in a dried lake near Gin Gin in Western Australia, perfectly captures the duality that is Abbe May and provides yet another glimpse of the artist that will be revealed with the full "Design Desire" release later in 2011. Check out her video right here. The intro alone is great, you should be hooked right away! Official site is here as well as myspace



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